10 Best Ways to Say NO!

how about noThough the two letter word “NO” seems fairly easy to pronounce, it’s not always easy to say. Say no to an old pal and bear the guilt of bringing a huge frown on his jolly little face or risk saying it to your toddler and he’ll teach you a lesson you might never forget. But you can’t possibly agree to everything all the time, so you must know how to deal with your “NO-s” the right way.


  1. Let your priorities be your guide: Someone calls you and asks for a quick favour while you’re already busy with something important. Do not hesitate to say NO, you should know what’s more important for you at the moment. You can either save a friend’s dying kitty or your precious job!no is a comp sentence
  2. No lies: You don’t need to lie to cover things up as that only makes things worse. Be straight-forward and polite when you’re saying no.NO all the time
  3. No excuses: Do not make excuses. It only makes you look bad in front of the other person. It’s way better to say NO once than to say it a million times in the form of silly excuses.NO
  4. Don’t feel guilty: You don’t have to feel guilty for saying no. You have the right to make choices and saying no is one of them. Yes, be confident like the froggie… ūüėÄRude
  5.  Be confident but not RUDE: Saying no does not mean that you start being rude. You should be polite and excuse yourself rather than telling people to buzz off your property!be ur boss
  6. ¬†No explanations: Do not over explain yourself. It’s perfectly alright to decline something. Use simple phrases like ‘I want to but I’m unable to’ or ‘I really appreciate you asking me, but I can’t do it’. Be the boss of your choice.images
  7. ¬†Appropriate medium: Some people have great communication skills while others don’t. It’s a lot easier to say no through a medium you’re comfortable with (e.g. IM, email, Facebook etc.). I prefer this way as I can not see the innocent expressions on that person’s face which can make my heart melt (trust me, nobody can say no to a puppy dog face).5e0ba5dfb7064f8d2aa9cd83640c5821
  8. ¬†YES?: Don’t be afraid to say yes SOMETIMES. Saying no is difficult but it doesn’t mean that you completely remove it from your dictionary and say yes to anything and everything. Use “YES” only when it’s necessary.

    "I'll teach you NO!"

    “I’ll teach you NO!”

  9. ¬†Saying NO to your kid: Never, I repeat, ‘NEVER’ say no to your kid. Mark my words, he’ll not forgive you for it. Instead, promise him an alternative. For example, if your child wants you to get him a chocolate around 11 P.M., instead of saying no, promise him that you’ll get two chocolates for him if he can wait till the next morning.
    women no

    Not today buddy!

  10. ¬†No Response: Delay your response or do not reply at all if you feel that things are not going the way you planned. It is always better to make yourself less accessible to people you don’t like.