10 Inspirational Quotes

Sharing 10 amazing quotes from my priced quotes collection 🙂
P.S. It was tough picking out the best ten for you guys. Enjoy 🙂
1. It’s okay to not be ambitious – Sarrah Hussain wpid-full_size_20150914190300.jpg
2. Pain defines us – Sarrah Hussain wpid-full_size_20150914190242.jpg

3. …And now is all we have 🙂 – Anne Lamott wpid-quotes-body-02-lamott-600x411.jpg

4. Imperfection – Amy Bloom wpid-20150914184902.jpg

5. …how wild it was, to let it be – Cheryl Strayed, Wild wpid-20150914184735.jpg

6. Strange Achievement – Cheryl Strayed, Wild wpid-20150914184657.jpg

7. The next road is always ahead – Oprah wpid-20150914184420.jpg8. Don’t give up – Anne Lamott wpid-20150914184325.jpg

9. …once you’re real – Margery Williams, The Velveteen Rabbitwpid-20150914184035.jpg

10. …we live a little while, we die. – E.B. White, Charlotte’s Web wpid-20150914183934.jpg