10 Motivational Posters For Your Room

MotivationSince I was in high school, the walls of my room were plastered with posters and flash cards with scientific formulae scribbled all over them (yes, no posters of Jesse McCartney & Zayn Malik or even Einstein πŸ˜› ). My mom didn’t like that at all. She failed to see the reason behind my strange obsession as she knew that by then I’d already programmed a hundred of those tiny formulae inside my brain. Still I insisted to let them stay there for a little longer. The reason you might ask.. MOTIVATION! Yes, they gave me small doses of motivation every time I entered my room.
The Result: I ended up in one of the country’s best engineering universities πŸ™‚
A little motivation goes a long way. No matter how big/small your dream is, no matter at what age you are, you need motivation to go on!
So I’m sharing some motivational posters here – 10 ultimate favourites of mine (no, not the formulae thingy, can’t share those πŸ˜€ ), hope they’ll do you some good. πŸ˜‰

P.S. I suggest you make them yourself instead of buying them πŸ™‚

thinkoutbox1. Think Outside The Box:
A simple reminder depicted in quite a creative fashion.

hungry2. Stay Hungry Stay Foolish: Food for thought from Mr. Steve Jobs. πŸ™‚

humble3. Great Things: Truer words were never spoken.

beyou4. Be Yourself: Fill some colour in your room with this little reminder πŸ™‚

thinking5. Thinking Machine: A fun poster especially made for medical students. Reminds you to think hard!:D

Simplicity6. Simple: A reminder to keep things as simple as possible. πŸ™‚

todayis7. Today: The best one of the lot! A poster reminding you that it’s still a great day even on the worst of days. πŸ™‚

plan8. Master Plans: Plans for business? Post this on your wall, put it inside your books, place it on your desk, put it under your pillow! Dream! Dream! DREAMMM and achieve! πŸ™‚

keepgoing9. Keep Going:
A small engine for your determination! πŸ™‚

amazing things10. Work Hard, Have Faith: A message that really lures you to work hard. πŸ™‚