10 Outlandish Pokémon Facts

i-love-pokemonI’m sure we all adored the Japanese game and amine series Pokémon (Pocket monsters) in late 90s. Its likely that most of us still remember the magically journey of Ash and his friends plus the names of a few adorable yet fatal Pokémon. 😉

But did you know:
Ash Ketchum was originally going to be a girl named Ashley! (Yes, we all prefer the guy version of him 😐 ) Ashbot
2. Except for Korean, Pikachu’s name is same in every language. ash_y_pikachu_by_mary147-d5xdzaj
3. Meowth is unable to learn any new moves due to the fact that he can learn to talk. 20150101230316!052Meowth_BW_anime
4. Alakazam (the psychic Pokémon) has a brain that grows until it dies. 065Alakazam_Dream
People put Darumaka’s droppings in their clothes to keep themselves warm. (Their droppings are hot..YUCK! 😀 ) darumaka_s_fire_punch__by_realarpmbq-d7bt62t

6. Drifloon, the balloon like Pokémon having a tiny pair of hands is accused of stealing children away to the world of the dead! 😀 425_drifloon_by_merum_sb_blueolimar-d356xfu
7. Jellicent looks goofy but it’s actually a ghost Pokémon that feeds on the energy of the living. Ships and crews that sail into Jellicent waters go missing, never to be seen again! tumblr_lk2htwrfK81qaibbk
The cries of Mismagius cause headaches and hallucinations. latest
9. Everything is a Pokémon! 😐 Except for humans, everything on this planet can be a Pokémon. That includes trees, the jar of Nutella you just bought and even your pen! 😐 7ae2b87b-b205-4057-bc53-1fd116f9f061
10. Even though the tagline was “Gotta Catch ’em All”, Ash only managed to collect 43 out of 649 Pokémon! 😐 *Boooo!!* 😛