10 Things That Made Your Childhood So Magical!


Today I’ve got the luxuries I always wanted as a kid, yet I’m not as happy as I used to be without them. I miss being a kid now and I miss the things which made that era so magical! :’) I’m pretty sure you miss those days too. So let’s take a stroll down the memory lane and remind ourselves of the things that made our childhood so beautiful. πŸ™‚

1. Mom’s Kisses, Daddy’s Love: Yes, mommy and daddy would never let us go out without hugging and kissing and squeezing us all up! :’)with-a-happy-family-father-mother-daughter--Stock-Vector2. School: Our second home and the second best thing in a kid’s life! :-* πŸ˜€ school-clip3. Smell of New School Supplies: Ah! That sweet smell.. πŸ™‚ I’m sure you used to sniff your new pencils, erasers and books, I know I did! (I’m still a booksniffer πŸ˜€ ) yTk7p48TE4. Playing Outside: Remember playing outside? Remember that earthy smell of rain? πŸ™‚ Remember how we used to make tiny paper boats and the way we played till our muscles gave up on us! πŸ˜€ Those were the times.. *Sigh* :’) Β 8c687Bdei 5. Happy Meal: That delicious meal plus a free toy! True happiness :’)Β HT_happy_meal_mcdonalds_nt_131010_16x9_992

6. Sesame Street: A fun-filled hour of learning with Big Bird and his muppet pals before going to school πŸ™‚ MuppetsOfSesameStreet7. Strange Hobbies: From collecting postal stamps to game CDs and Pokemon cards, kids had the strangest hobbies and obsessions πŸ˜€ index8. Lego and Game Boy: My priced possessions. Oh! I remember fighting with a mean kid who used to steal my Lego bricks! 😐 Good times, good times… πŸ˜€ LegoBricks9. Legends of the Hidden Temple: Best game show EVER! :’D This show made our TV break a lot more fun then it is for kids these days. I don’t see them watching things like that now – mainly due to the fact that such amazing shows are no more produced! *sobs* πŸ™ images

10. And that CRUSH: Oh! Did I forget to mention him/her? πŸ˜€ You know, you still miss that kid. Yes, the kid you pretended to ‘hate’ once… πŸ˜› images3