Top 10 Bizarre Restaurants in India

They say that humans should eat to live and not live to eat but there are people out there who believe in the opposite. When we have such long lives, why not spend them eating all different kinds of dishes? With this thought in mind some creative minds in India have come up with completely bizarre restaurants, be it through food or theme, that every foodie should visit once.

1. Dark Dine Invisible, Bangalore

This restaurant took inspiration from the lives of visually impaired and became the best place for blind dates, literally.  Here dinner is served by blind waiters and you won’t ever know what your food looks like. You may not even know if the person sitting in front of you is the person you came in with. There is absolutely no light in this restaurant and food here must be enjoyed on the basis of its taste and aroma.


2. New Lucky Restaurant, Ahmedabad

Most people don’t even like the thought on going anywhere near a graveyard but Krishnan Kutti decided that the best place to open a restaurant was over a graveyard. If that wasn’t unusual enough the owner chose to keep the graves and set the restaurant around them because he believes that those graves bring him luck. Now who needs an ouija board to summon the dead when you can have a meal with them?


3.  21 Fahrenheit, Mumbai

In the summers when the sun is literally frying you to death, you don’t need to run away to the hill stations. In 21 Fahrenheit, an ice lounge,  you will find that everything in the restaurant, from the table and chairs to the lamps and chandeliers, is made of ice. The restaurant is so cold that they have to provide its customers with gloves and coats to withstand the chilly weather within.


4. Veli Lake Floating Restaurant, Trivandrum

To reach this restaurant made by the villagers of Veli, guests have to cross floating bridges (or you could swim, totally your wish). Established on a lake, the floating restaurant is part of the village and all the food there is made by using the local produce.



5. The Bar Stock Exchange, Mumbai

This place is good for people who arrive just as the bar opens, but not so much later in the day. This bar operates on the law of demand which states that as the demand for a particular drink increases, so does its price. So if you get there late, cross your fingers and hope that no one likes the drink that you like.20141231eh84

6. Nature’s Toilet Cafe, Ahmedabad

How many people actually ever take their food to the bathroom? Not many (I hope). The owner of Nature’s Toilet Cafe however decided the best way to spread the message of hygiene and importance of toilets was to open the restaurant where the guests would have to sit on lavatories. The restaurant has over 20 types of lavatories and urinals which date as far back as 1950’s – so yaaay?


7. Kaidi Kitchen, Chennai

When we see prison’s in movies or shows, they always seem like horrible places with horrible horrible food. Kaidi Kitchen in Chennai however has come to prove us all wrong. Over here the staff is dressed up as ‘kaidis’ and policemen. While the Kaidi will bring you your food, the policeman will be the one to take your order.


8. Tihar Food Court, Delhi

Speaking of prison food, here is food from an actual prison. In this restaurant real prisoners work as waiters and cook. This step was taken by the authorities to help the inmates and has truly been a great initiative. The restaurant also features the paintings made by the prisoners.


9. Gufaa, Hyderabad

Ever wondered what it would feel like to be having a romantic dinner in a cave? This is exactly what Gufaa, Hyderabad offers its guests. This place gives the feel of cave with its lighting and sound, and who can forget the staff dressed up like hunters. 2

10. Firangi Dhaba, Mumbai

The theme of the restaurant is simple, anything desi goes. This restaurant gives you the feel of a dhaba and also allows you to experience eating inside an auto rickshaw. The owner of the restaurant has gone so far to give the place an authentic feeling that even the menu card is in the shape of a truck.