Top 10 products that never should have been made

Everyone loves the idea of new inventions that would make our lives way easier but there are some products out there that do no such thing. They have no purpose and honestly just make everyone cringe. Here are the top 10 products that really just shouldn’t exist

1. Five Fingersimages (1)

When making these shoes Vibram actually claimed that they would be better than normal running shoes. They were not.

2. Furbiesimages (2)

Ready to give your kid and your nightmares

3. Bread Glovesbread-gloves

So you can accidentally eat your own fingers!

4. Caffeine free soft drinksspa-marina-real-estate-puerto

What is the point of your existence? You don’t even taste good.

5. iPhone Thongs10x-For-iPhone-4-4S-5-5S-Sexy-Bra-Silicone-Gel-Cover-Underwear-Thong-Home-Button

Don’t you wish your phone was hot like mine?

6. Gold Poop Pillso-GOLD-PILLS-TOBIAS-WONG-570

Now remember kids, our poop is only gold in color, not actual gold

7. Hello Kitty Assault Rifle kittyrifle

Looks so cute you wanna buy it for your kid… Oh wait. ITS A REAL GUN

8. Full Body Knitted SuitsKnitted-Bodysuit

I think we all have many questions about this but do we really want them answered?

9. The Most Horrifying Chocolateoriginal

Oh look now we get to eat creepy looking baby head. Yaay.

10. Beard Squirreldadb99b922f3e2aef33ac7f84c81bf9c-beard-squirrel

Do ever feel that your long grisly beard is lonely? That it needs something new? Well look no further because the perfect companion for your beard is here. Now it won’t be just your beard scaring people away